3 Day Detox Juice Diet – The End

Yesterday was the last day of my detox diet. It all went well and I manage to improvise a bit more with the juices and include ingredients like tomato or carrot (though they are normally included in most detox juices I hadn’t tried them before in mine), and it all tasted like heaven. I had a MA farewell party in the evening (though we still have to sit a couple of exams, get our thesis’ grades and have the proper graduation ceremony) and, since I wasn’t allowed to drink alcohol or anything with added sugar during these 3 days, I ended up ordering freshly pressed lemon juice. The look on the waiter’s face when I refused the sugar packs was priceless, something between scared and impressed! It was bitter as hell but I stood my ground and (slowly drank it all), it felt like an extra detox!

I should also mention that I didn’t weight myself before I started this diet (rookie mistake, I know) as we don’t have a scale at our place. However, I do know my body well enough to figure out that I probably weighed more than 60 kgs before the detox. Yesterday I had to the opportunity to weigh myself in a shop and I’m somewhere between 59 and 60 kgs. It turns out that you do lose approximately 2 kgs with the 3-day detox juice diet, they were not lying… This morning, as soon as I woke up, I ate two small natural yogurts. Before the detox, I wouldn’t feel satisfied and always crave something more. Today, however, I was struggling to finish the second yogurt. I wonder if this sudden loss of appetite is normal after these 3 days…

It is now my intention to start a workout program for beginners and keep working towards my goal of weighing 55 kgs. This afternoon I’m going for a run with a few classmates on the university’s special track (it’s paved with cork which, supposedly, is healthier and takes a lesser toll on your body). By “going for a run” I mean they’ll probably run 6 km around the track and I’ll pass out after 500 m, that’s how out of shape I am!

I also want to take this opportunity to make a small disclaimer: though I have focused a lot on this diet thing during the last 3 days, I have no intentions whatsoever of turning this into a diet/exercise/weight loss blog. This blog was created to speak my mind on several topics and issues, to post whatever I want whenever I want. One day I can talk about my progress with my diet goals (and I certainly will), another day I might feel like talking about politics (I will soon have a MA on European Studies, after all), and some other day I might feel like talking about music, movies, things that happened during my day; basically, anything under the sun! I hope you guys still stick around 🙂