It’s difficult to update a blog with a broken laptop

And also with a traineeship which has as its informal motto (just decided this now) “no rest for the wicked”.

But I thought I’d update you guys with bits and bobs of yesterday:

– Attended a session promoted by ALDE MEPs about EU citizenship on the European Parliament;
– Realised I was the only guest attendant there… meaning the burden of Q&A would fall on my shy, terrified-of-speaking-in-public person;
-Asked a bunch of questions with no fear or shyness whatsoever. The speakers came to me at the end of the session to congratulate me on said questions;
– The main MEP organiser and his assistant invited me for lunch at the EP restaurant with them and the other speakers. The assistant wants to keep in touch;
– Realised I have more fun at the office than on Plenary Session days;
– Got beaten with a passion on our boardgame night by two of my fellow trainees, who are way more than trainees – they are true FRIENDS. Victory shall be mine next time… when we actually play games that involve a board!
– Really woke up at 5am (I checked the time) with my friend’s flatmate doing the dishes, thus sorta witnessing a self-fulfilling prophecy…


Life update in bullet points and Sunday Song

– When one wakes up at 06h15 every morning and comes back home some time between 19h00 and 20h00, it is quite difficult to find the energy to open the laptop and write on the blog. That might have something to do with the fact that I spend most of my work day in front of a computer.

– The traineeship couldn’t be going better – nice team, nice fellow trainees, awesome venue and you know you traineeship is worth something when they give you important tasks that actually *need to be done* instead of the stereotypical coffee and trips to the Zerox machine.

– I have had my first press release publish and sent to journalists and media. Woohoo!

– I might be addicted to coffee by the end of this traineeship, which is a shame because I do not have any vices. But there is no other way (see bullet point #1).

– Giving up your Saturday morning to attend French classes is the very definition of “commitment”. Especially when the last time you studied French was 5 years ago, and as a consequence you understand everything you hear and read but you can’t answer back because you forgot how to form a freaking sentence.

– I cooked Chateaubriand with a special sauce that quite resembles Café de Paris sauce, my boyfriend couldn’t put his fork down (and neither could I) and I am extremely proud of myself right now.

– I can’t believe two weeks of office life brought back the kgs I lost while in London 😦

– I am extremely tired, but extremely happy (minus the extra weight) 🙂

Fleetwood Mac – Don’t Stop

Habemus President of the European Commission

On the one hand, it is good to know they have respected the whole build-up vis-a-vis the spitzenkandidaten.

On the other hand, we have a President who refuses to talk or listen to anything classified as Euroscepticism, and an Eurosceptic front in the European Parliament that isn’t going anywhere in the next four years.

Saying that I am looking forward to the new developments of this saga would be an understatement.