My last piece of course work has been written, edited and sent. I am (hopefully and) officially on holidays… provided I didn’t fail anything!


Proud and aching

Yesterday I had what I hope it is my last academic exam ever. And I also had my first gym visit ever since I moved abroad, four years ago. Out with the old, in with the new 🙂 if only my legs and arms didn’t hurt so much this morning…

Thank you so much, MA…

… for first sending a letter saying my graduation would take place on the X of Y of Z at, and then course-correcting with an announcement saying it’s on the A of B of C at, thus ensuring that not even my boyfriend can see me graduate!

Thank you very much indeed. The day you manage to give the correct information and details at the first attempt is day pigs will fly.

(yes, I’m incredibly annoyed and mad)